Thursday, March 05, 2009

Introducing Freda...

As my last post was rather lengthy, and my fingers are stiff from pulling on fence wire, I thought I'd tell Freda's story. She's so uncomplicated that there's not much to tell. Just the facts (mostly).

Fact No 1. I couldn't say no.

For nearly I year I didn't have a dog at all. After the loss of my beautiful black Great Dane Chloe, it was a long time before I thought of another canine. I was cat food shopping at a Petsmart, and I stopped to look at the photos of pets for adoption. Just as I was turning away, a young woman with three small children walked up. She asked if I was looking for a puppy and she shoved a snapshot of five mostly black hound-dog looking pups at me. I politely said that I really didn't want another black dog as it would remind me of my Dane. The woman's face actually crumpled, and much to my horror she began to sob loudly and to wail "Oh God, what am I going to do? Nobody wants any and now I have seven dogs and they're getting really big and they're not very cute anymore and I've tried everything and what am I going to do and I don't have any place to keep them and we found the mom dog and she was starving and we rescued her and she was already pregnant and I can't bear to have them all put to sleep and what am I gonna do? Wa-aa-ah."

Fact No 2. No good deed... yadda, yadda, yadda.

Everyone in the store was looking at me... I said: well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to take a look . She hic-cupped and smiled and apologized - and said she didn't live far and I followed her... I named my new nearly all black puppy "Freda" after Frida Kahlo - but I didn't learn how to spell it until later (obviously).

Freda's mom was a Yellow Lab. Freda's dad ?????. He must have been some sort of Pointer though, as she looks like a black German Shorthaired Pointer. And she points.

Fact No 3. Some dogs are completely useless. (heh)

Freda is naturally lazy. She doesn't bark unless the moon is full and the foxes or coyotes are yipping in the distance - oh, and once she barked all afternoon out in the pasture and when I finally went to investigate, she was dancing around a huge rattlesnake that had obviously just eaten something very large ( rabbit? neighbor's chicken?) Freda must have known it was the sort of thing one rarely sees in real life, and she didn't want me to miss out (eeesh). Safari guide dog anyone? She loves strangers and won't even bark at their dogs. Not much of a watch dog...

But she did help me get that plaintive look for a little painting...

Fact No 4. A winning smile will take you far.

I'm a huge supporter of spay/neuter and good care for all cats and dogs, no matter the color, breed - or lack thereof. I hate that so many people are indifferent to the wonderful mixed breeds in shelters and go out and buy dogs and get on "waiting lists" for particular puppies rather than saving one from euthanasia.

I mean: just look at that face!!!

Coming soon: Freda's paw...


  1. Hear, hear! It kills me when people buy a pet from a breeder instead of adopting one that needs a home.

  2. Oh, she looks like a lovely canine. I was just about to post us being in the unfamiliar situation of looking for a dog. Usually they just happen to us, much the way that Freda happened to you. Maybe I'll get inspired and do that post today...or so. Anyway, much continued happiness with Freda.

  3. awww, Freda! That's the kind of dog I need, when I'm in a position to have a dog again.

  4. Also, black animals are usually the last to be adopted, even pure bred ones. I have 2 black cats and one tuxedo. thanks for leaving a comment. I've been in a work vortex and am just now getting back to reading.

  5. Photos and picture all excellent. Enjoyed the humour of the painting especially

  6. Freda is a doppelganger of my old dog, Al (1969-1977). Jala says you and I are doppelgangers. She might be right. I'm sending an email with more details, so don't dump me in your spam. Drop the p; my name is Sam(artdog). Look for apetalk. This is 2 weird... p.s. algebra almost killed me.

  7. Hi Sam,
    You've certainly aroused my curiosity. I had a grand time reading your blog - and I await further epistles...

    P.S. I had to look up a work from your profile - not in my dictionary!! I'll tell you later.

  8. I'm a big fan of people neutering their pets too!

  9. Oh, and sometimes their children as well.


  10. Kris -
    ha ha ha ha ha... !!!

  11. It seems that is how I get all of my dogs. No one wants them or they just show up at my house. My door must have a huge "S" on the door for Sucker that is invisible to all but those with a keen eye. I have a larger reversed version of Freda. See my site side bar, Yin the treadmill Queen. She is spotted on top and black on bottom. Lovely pet, though.

  12. That is one sweet doggy smile!

  13. nice pics and wonderful smile! I could not have resisted as well!

  14. Frida looks like a doll! For the first time in my life I am dogless. They sure add a lot to your day even if they don't do much, their presence is a comfort.