Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm featured!

Top Artist's Directory

I just learned I've been chosen as the featured artist this week at Top Artist's Directory. Kim Barker (aka laketrees) provides a great service to artists listing over 300 artists who blog, and providing a venue that showcases the artists' biographies and selected images.

I know it works, as several people have said they found me through Top Artist's Directory' listings. Thank you, Kim, for your time and efforts on our behalf, and a big thank you for selecting me as this week's feature artist!

Thank you.!

And my gallery reception was today for the two person show of which I am one person (heh). Some of my friends say I could do a two person show all by myself... but I think they mean it in a nice way... sorta. I mean; they're referring to how prolific I am; not how many personalities I have (cause two ain't nearly enough) - nor do they mean I am two-faced.

I do paint pretty fast and it comes from spending six years reproducing old master paintings onto furniture for a high end company. We were paid piece rate, and one had to be fast or be cut. If you've never had a job that paid you by the piece, count yourself lucky. It's not for the faint of paint. I once painted an entire armoire (sides and front) similar to the one pictured, but bigger, in a day and a half. Twelve hours. 'Course by then, I'd done a dozen of them and hardly needed to look at the sample. The "allowed time" for that piece was 30 hours. And no matter how fast or slow one painted, all work had to pass inspection at quality control. So one couldn't take short cuts, one just had to be fast.

The cabinet pictured here is my own design - and I only ever painted one of these. Took me three days of steady painting.

And more good news! I sold a piece at the show - and so did my friend Carolann. As is so often the case, the purchasers were both artists themselves. The piece I sold was a framed print of Desperado, a tiny painting I did a couple of years ago and couldn't bear to part with. I made only 5 prints, as I'm not a fan of large print editions. You can see it in the photo at left from my shop/gallery. The painted oar, shelf and headboard are among the things I paint to sell there. Many of my customers live on Lake Rabun or along the Chattahoochee River so trout and fishing scenes are popular.

The reception was a good time, in spite of being a chilly and rainy day. Lots of folks brought food, and I was even given a delicious pineapple cream pie to bring home. Yum-yum!!

Here is the original Desperado... 4 x 6 inches of grumpy chick...


  1. Good news! Congratulations on the feature and the sale.

  2. Congratulations! That sounds like a pretty good day. I definitely have to have a look through Top Artists Directory after work tonight.

  3. Congratulations! I love the "Grump Chick!"
    Could be ME!

  4. Never thought a little fluffy chick could be grumpy!
    Congrats on your sale.
    "Not for the faint of paint"--great expression, I love it.

  5. Many congratulations! For the Directory listing, the sale of the mad chicken and the pineapple cream pie. Pretty good day.

  6. Love your work! Congrats on the show and sale.

  7. congrats on the honor! i like the chick, the background makes it pop!

  8. congrats....the cabinet is wonderful and adore the grumpy chick!

  9. I think I'm actually a little bit in love with that chick.

  10. I love that cabinet, Patrice! It proves that bucolic, peaceful country scenes can be done with authenticity and taste. As popular as Thomas Kincaide is, there seems to be heart lacking in his paintings- almost like you can feel that he doesn't like the subject matter. Your scene is done right.You could teach him a thing or two. Oh, and the chicky made me laugh. Great posture.

  11. Congrats on the sales, the show, and the feature! I loooove that cabinet! I've done painted furniture, but only for myself and friends. I can't imagine trying to work at that kind of speed.