Thursday, March 08, 2012

My Shop: Cottage Chic

 Doncha' just love turquoise?
 Last year, my friend Carol and I decided to stop renting space and go for low overhead.  We turned my derelict workshop into an actual shop/studio/gallery where we display items for sale.  The main reason for having a shop open to the public is to promote the re-furbishing aspect of our services.  We rejuvenate and update good pieces of furniture and accessories found at thrift shops and yard sales - and display both fine and folk art for sale. 

The place was a mess - mostly just full of all the stuff I collect from which to make something else - or something better. 
These are the "befores."
 The building is a circa 1920's house now weathered by the passing decades to a nearly uniform silvery gray.  I added  French doors, larger windows and a deck for working and sitting outside. All the way up the .2 mi. drive there are signs (think Burma Shave) to entice clientele to the shop.  Signs include "Bunny Crossing" (very true), Watch for Armadillo followed by Just Kidding, and Keep Going! and Slow: Skunk Area (so that people really will go slow).  And of course, we paint and sell signs, too.
 It's a work in progress.!!  The window in the attic space has now been replaced and I've plans to landscape and create paths and gardens all around.

 This is the old well house - now a funky gazebo of sorts.  Unfortunately the well is dry.  I've even removed the slab to look down there.  Very, very dry... 
 Some of the pet portraits painted on old wooden bowls.  I refer to them as "bowlies."  Fun and inexpensive... we'll paint your pet or portrait from your photo for $35.
 More refurbished goods - a funky mirror and commode painted with texture paint, glazed and aged for a fresco look.  Also a selection of mirrors and architectural reliefs.  Red walls really set these off!
The newest space - not yet filled up, but you can see a selection of furniture (that's a vintage Lane cedar chest circa 1950's), a 1930's glass front cabinet, teapots, paintings and one of my pedestals made from old shutters.  Merchandise is cottage, artsy, funky and fun - with lots of color.

More to come!