Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Introducing Molly Flopover

There is no cat more beautiful than a tabby, especially a classic tabby like Molly.  Molly came to me as a kitten, the last of three siblings born in the warehouse of my local feed store.  She should have been wild, but instead she was fearless and gregarious, which is how I ended up taking her home.  The young man who loaded feed said she would run if I tried to pet her, but instead she purred and rubbed her head on my hand.  How could I resist?  I was still saying "no more cats.." as I drove away with my 200 lbs of feed and one tiny tabby kitten.

Molly helping out in the studio.

Her tabby daddy ruled that feed store for years, perching on the counter for all the customers to admire .  Even for a tom cat he was heavily built; a stocky cat - and Molly takes after him.  She's chunky; kind of square, and when she walks ahead of me during chores I always notice her unusual build.

Contemplating global warming...  or perhaps listening for the sound of kibble

Molly has a talent, too.  She holds the Small Meadows Farm record for the most flop-overs completed between the house and the feed shed - a total of eight!  If only I had a video camera...  

Molly is eleven this year - a noble age for a noble cat.  Molly is a loner -mostly aloof from the other cats.  She comes in for lengthy naps and one-on-one attention from me, and she is happiest lying in the sun on one of her many perches.

 My favorite Molly photo...