Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In the white room...

This strange looking room is my future collage/assemblage space. It was once the guest room with blue carpet (thus the blue venetian blinds). I ripped up all the carpet and the baseboard will have to be replaced as it was just some vinyl junk.

I really hate blue carpet.

I painted the floor white - and I was considering marbling it into "tiles" - but I think I'm going to just clear coat it and leave it. I love all the reflected light, and it will be easy to find all the things I'll be dropping - or that my cats will knock on the floor (when they sneak in). The white floor reminds me of my old loft in Philadelphia. It had a nasty chipped linoleum floor that I poured - yes, literally poured high gloss oil-based white paint onto. The smell was unbelievably terrible - (I probably lost a couple of years of life due to that ) but the effect was incredible, gorgeous, perfect - for an artist's space. The rest of the loft was sprayed white, too (of course!)

And so in the honor of my former white art makin' space of 3,000 square feet, I've decided to rip down the wallpaper and do the walls in white textured plaster. It will be the only space in my house without lots and lots of bright or strong color accents. But then, white on white on white is color too.

Speaking of white... (or formerly white), this is Glynnis after the flood. Note the high water - or should I say mud - mark.

Funny thing about Great Pyrenees, though. Within 24 hours, the mud will just slide off and she'll be pure white again, just like Claire.

Yes, this is Claire. Very dignified... (and clean).

And this? This is a Charolais cow. I love her ears. She's rather dignified too. Where I live, I seem to be completely surrounded by these moos.

She'll likely turn up in one of my paintings, but for now, she fits right into this blog, which seems to have developed a theme.

And one more - Frosty, a white cat rescued from being a feral fellow many years ago. He's gone on to his reward, and I'm sure his little bunny friend is up there too.

This is an old painting. And when I look at it now I can't believe I did something this sentimental. I do like the bunny toy.


  1. Claire is gorgeous! What a big huggable dog!

  2. Interesting; a white room as studio. No visual distractions, maybe? By the way, you forgot a key ingredient to a post titled "In the white room..." - a YouTube video of the song. Will this one do?

  3. My whole house has off-white-can-you-say-time-for-a-fresh-coat walls. Makes your every colored thing pop. You'll love it.

    I was about to scream "CREAM!" when Roy made my day. And the Albert Hall gig... the YouTube of my dreams. Oh my.

  4. Kathi - Claire says "thank you"...

    And Roy - I was just too sleepy to post it, but yes, that's the one I was humming all the while I was typing...

    Sam - I'll post an "after", well, after!

  5. What gorgeous dogs! I love them.

  6. That's a lot of great space you've got there.

    When I first moved here, people actually (well, some) dressed up to grocery shop . . .

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