Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wild themes, continued...

Bogo posed for flight. Does she know that white horses are sacred?

I know, I know - this was last weeks theme... but wild horses do fly. If you've ever been astride a horse soaring over jumps and streams and galloping over the earth, you know what it is to fly.

Ever since I heard his album "Graffiti Man", I've been a fan of John Trudell - and an admirer of his activist work. This video, with the beautiful voice of Anne Humphreys singing, is a favorite of mine. The flight of insects, the flight of birds, the flight for survival of wild things , the flight of Native Americans to avoid extermination. When fight is certain death, only flight remains.


  1. What an amazing picture.

  2. So are you gonna paint Bogo? And that's a stunning video!

    Our minds must be in sync. I posted a version of Jim Pepper's "Witchi Tai To" today (not for Theme Thursday, though; I have other candidates for that).

  3. Thank you Diva -

    And Roy, I must confess. I watched your posted video and it reminded me of how much I love John Trudell's work. I planned on coming back to your post to say so - but you got ahead of me!

    I may just paint her.

  4. There is something very special about a white horse. Lovely.

  5. great vid and song...and the blend of the themes spectacular. there is something about horses....

  6. I do love your horse photos!
    (I'm 52 and I still want a pony for Christmas.)

  7. Beautiful horse.
    Beautiful song.
    "wild horses do fly"
    Yes, I really think they do.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy tt.

  8. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Great song and "Hi" to Bogo. Kinda reminds me of our old horse "Snowball" :)