Sunday, September 27, 2009

Who's all powerful?

I saw this over at The Clever Pup, which I came to via Polly Jackson's new website - and I wanted to pass it on. Think about it. When you go to build a home or studio or whatever, who determines what materials you can buy and who does the wiring, plumbing, etc.? If it doesn't meet insurance standards, then you'll get no bank financing. If you want to drive, you gotta have insurance. Want to own a home? Mortgage insurance. How about medical malpractice insurance and double indemnity insurance and flood insurance and dental insurance, and business insurance - and bonding and floater policies for craft and art festivals?

So tell me. Who's really responsible for the high cost of everything? Who's pockets are full?


  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Good one!

  2. * I know * I am quite the stalker tonight...leaving comments in all of your blogs, no? Lucky for you I don't have your phone, fax & email hehehe...

    Would you let me know if it is okay for me to post a link to your site on my blog roll?


  3. It's an honor to be stalked by you - and by the way, I don't care a flip for Oprah either.

    Link on, girl!!

  4. Oh yes,,,one could rant a very long time on this subject!
    Loved your photos in the previous post, and (OH MY),,,, your September Studio blog! I've always loved murals, and so admire those who can paint them.
    Giggles about the Opra comment.Probably in the minority, but happily so.
    In the words of someone famous: I shall return!