Monday, January 19, 2015

Old Writings.

Several years back I was on one of the online dating sites.  Yes - even us artists occasionally go even more insane and think we can find true love - or true like - online.  It never worked out for me, but I did enjoy writing on the blog site of this particular dating site.  I wasn't alone.  Somehow a core of really good writers happened to come together there, and though I didn't match up in person, I found many friends I would love to have known through their writings.

Here's a little poem I posted back then:

I Seek

... a peer, a mate, a match
the One...
who'll know the wonder I've become.
a friend to see the best
in me...
and overlook the rest of me... to kiss
my neck and touch my soul, to love not parts -
but all, the whole - 

the sum of me who yearns for bliss
but all I find are words like this:

a rhyme...

and solitary time.

- Patrice Lynne Young   - around 2007 I think..

Mr. Cheddars does not care for my poetry...

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