Saturday, June 09, 2012

A Bee, A Bee!!

All week I've been on the lookout for bee and butterflies...  A few butterflies have been sighted - and lo! Yesterday I finally saw one - just one - honeybee.  I was actually tempted to stake out the clover and follow that bee, but I had places to be myself...  (sorry, couldn't resist...) 

I spent my day off finishing two small paintings for the upcoming Sautee show, and then got a call from a shop that sells my things to come touch up a desk that had sold.  I promptly lost my mind and forgot to photograph the paintings before I delivered them.  What a dolt.

I'm so happy about seeing that bee that I just have to post happy photos.  Here's one of my daylily plantings.
These are near a small pond and very happy.
And here is one very shy Monarch. This was taken with my feeble telephoto before he disappeared.

And for comic relief...  the inimitable Gracie:
First we feeds ourselves....

Then we burps....

Then we grooms...
Then we naps...
Then we really naps...
???  It's Garfy - a real square.  Everybody loves the box!


  1. We have lots of butterflies here, as well as an abundance of Bumblebees. But Honey Bee sitings are still rare.

    1. Perhaps bumblebees will prosper in the vacuum of the lost honeybees?

      Saw one more bee yesterday - and several bumble bees.

  2. I promptly lost my mind and forgot to photograph the paintings before I delivered them.....

    You can still take photos of them at the show. least for the record

    Love the nature and cat photos per usual.
    I have a hard time recycling ANY box because they love them so much

    1. You are right, of course. I just hate to "waste" four gallons of gas to drive all the way back. I'd like to see the show after it's hung though, so it'd be worth another trip.

      Boxes and paper bags really do make the best kitty beds... :)