Friday, November 20, 2009

A Big Birdie told me: every Dog has his day...

Recently I made a trade with an amazing expert gardener and budding artist (pun intended). If you've not visited GetSoiled, I urge you to go on over and pay a visit. There you will find some of the most luscious photographs on the web - but that's not all. There's advice and information on food and nutrition, plant science and healthy meals, all offered with keen wit, humor, and a dash of panache.

Whenever I "Get Soiled," I am further convinced that when people are creative in one area, that creativity spills out into another, and another and another. There's photography, mosaic work, the building of raised beds and wonderful paintings!! I was lucky enough to barter one of my landscapes for this fabulous Birdie and I smile every time I see her (I decided it's a her).

And now for a happy ending...

When Bad Dog showed up, I made posters to distribute to the coon hunter's headquarters: the local feed store.

And today - hooray!! - one of my neighbors spotted the pic and called to claim him!! Seems he's been missing for two weeks, ever since the last cattle round up. Yep. Apparently BD was a failure at coon hunting (good boy!!) but was a natural born herder. Perhaps that explains what he was trying to do with my horses...

I kinda gave the guy a hard time, as the dog didn't get that thin in the five days before he showed up here. My hope is that he'll worm him - and increase his rations. And yes, he's earned a new moniker for not being so insipid as to chase after raccoons. He shall now be Good Dog as far as I'm concerned. That's him waving farewell with his ears and tail!!

My kitties are relieved...


  1. Well, at least now you have one less drain on your finances. A coon hound that won't hunt, huh? That's a new one!

  2. Yay Good Dog!!! The raccoon part of Garrett is very relieved, and the herding part is very proud. Both of us love you for helping the dawg part.

  3. You are so nice for taking such good care of a dog that is not yours. . . I don't think if my dog escapes she'll show up all the way where you are, but I hope she gets someone as caring - just in case, my dog prefers the pillow next to your head to sleep. . . and belly rubs. . . fyi.

  4. Stop! Stop! Stop!!!!


    Very sweet...although somewhat false advertising! aaaaaaahhh!

  5. It must be really hard to see domestic animals that have a home but are not well taken care of. I'm thinking also of the skinny horse you found... It breaks my heart. I hope the dog's people give him some more food from now on.

  6. Aww. Glad you hooked the sweet doggy up with his owner. Hope that he gets the care he deserves.