Sunday, August 16, 2009

Share the ride, share the road...

Most mornings I back my trusty van up to the front door of my house and load (or unload) it for the day's endeavor/s. Without fail, one or more of my kitties takes it upon themselves to help or hinder. In Madeline's case, it is definitely the hindering deal. She has determined that the indentation of the back door when raised makes a lovely bed - and observation post.
When asked to vacate, she gives me this "how can you even ask?" look, stretches - and promptly sits back down to gaze about. After a bit, and in her own good time, she turns around and ...

stretches again for effect before gauging the distance to the ground. But does she jump? No. And for a good reason. Madeline is the clumsiest of cats - being extremely cow-hocked, and having broken one leg in three places when she was four months old. The leg had to remain pinned for months - with the tip sticking out of her hip!
So I persuade her take a circuitous route, and back over the roof of the van she goes, sliding down the windshield to gaze about in her queenly manner until the next opportunity to attain the throne.
And on down the nearby macadam road, I saw what from a distance appeared to be line like a tar repair. No - it was a very large Kingsnake, Blacksnake, Chickensnake, who stopped right in front of me and refused to move even when I took his/her picture and stomped my feet. I finally gave it a nudge with my foot and off it
went into the tall weeds. It's not the largest I've seen, but it was over six feet at my estimate. These are among the good guys of the snake world, eating small rodents, eggs and such - and not poisonous or aggressive. Quite beautiful - and fascinating as it moved effortlessly away.


  1. What a great piece of storytelling. Showdown, I think that's one very smart cat.

  2. You do realize, of course, that we are but the servants of cats. We only exist to satisfy their needs, and whatever we might need or want is only secondary at best.

    Cool snake; it looks like a Black Rat Snake. We don't have any big snakes like that here on Aquidneck Island (and no poisonous snakes at all), jut Gater Snakes and Ribbon Snakes.

  3. Um, that's just Garter Snakes... Hmmm... I wonder if we can talk Blogger into a comment editing function?

  4. I do believe that if we were smaller, our cats would have eaten us long ago.

  5. We liked reading about your outdoor adventure, since we are inside all the time...You are very sleek and fit, as your stretching shows!