Monday, May 04, 2009

making friends...

No more canvassing! I'm relieved to be through - and terrified I won't be able to find anything else. My friend Carol and I are going to pool our last two hundred dollars buying plants and pots at a wholesalers and repotting to make fancy artsy pots o'fleurs to sell at the gallery. Wish us luck!

In the meanwhile, I thought I'd post a few shots of friends I made - or tried to make - while out and about. Out of the hundreds of address I visited, only two dogs seemed bent on a bite. The majority of dogs were reasonably friendly if not outrightly so. In fact, the biggest risk was being jumped on by enthusiastic pooches with muddy feet. I met no "attack" cats - though several shy ones skittered away at my approach. A few would gladly have hopped in the van with me and most allowed me to scratch their chins or stroke their backs.
Some simply ignored me...

or were too busy watching the neighbor's dog to bother about a census person...

And who knew there was such dog as a bi-color Newfoundland? I was delighted by these huge fellows and their spots and speckles!

This fellow liked me so much, he did a cha-cha-cha.

This pretty calico was positively too shy to look at the camera...

Miss calico was quite unlike this Akita - a very friendly and not-at-all-shy boy.

This fellow was just wa-ay laid back... I think I woke him from a nap.

This adorable canine kept watch without expending energy. I don't recall she ever got up once.

Sometimes, the yard-guard was of another sort. Nice horns!

Some looked on with little or no curiosity.

And some were all about curiosity!!


  1. Nice pictures and those Newfies are gorgeous! The black and white thing is totally working for them.

  2. What a great set of shots! And I love the goats. I'd've probably tried to kidnap one of the Newfies.

  3. Zen - I', thinking of dying my Pyrs... lowlights?

    Roy - thanks, and yes, those goats were so inquisitive! And yeah - the Newfies were a temptation... (heh) I could have filled my van with wonderful critters...

  4. How much fun you had, in between some sadness, and now on to something new! I enjoyed wandering with you!

  5. wishing you and your friend all the luck and am very hopeful you will find something else....:)

  6. Whish you all the best and good luck!Greetings,Sandra

  7. I love this--the animal census!

    Good luck to you...
    I never saw a Newfie like that either.

  8. Thoughtful photos, as usual!

  9. Anonymous9:22 PM

    What fun to visit your blog!!!

  10. Sorry to get here late; lately life's been full of it.

    Your photos of the horses, the goats and of course the dogs are excellent. Okay, the cats, too.

    The black-and-white Newfies are called Landseers. Oh my what a name for oh my what a dog!

    Good luck with your new strategy, but I'll miss the census adventures.